BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Bob Berman just turned 101, but if you watched him dance, you wouldn’t think so.

“I feel good!” Berman said. “Slowed up a little, but the dancing’s still there.”

Berman is Kern County’s only living Pearl Harbor survivor. He’s also the grand marshal for next week’s Veterans Day parade, which he’s still wrapping his head around.

“I’m kinda thinking about it a little more every day, and telling some people,” Berman said. “It’s going to be on TV, right? It’s an experience.”

Berman was stationed on the U.S.S. Maryland during World War II. I asked how much he remembers from his time in the service.

“I don’t forget one day,” Berman said. “We had a lot of camaraderie.”

But he’d much prefer to tell you about his most recent rhythmic routine. And more than that, he’d like to show you, like in a video from his 101st birthday party, just a few months ago.

Dancing keeps him active; it lets him spend time with his partner, Marilyn; and it puts a smile on the faces of the community where Berman lives.

“One woman said, ‘You make my life,'” Berman said. “She said, ‘You make my life, when I go and watch you dance.'”

So what’s the secret to living to 101?

Like Berman, keep a tune in your heart and a boogie in your step, and you’ll be fine.