SALT LAKE CITY (KTVX) – Video shot during protests in Salt Lake City Saturday night shows police armed in protective gear shoving a man with a cane as he tried to walk away from them, sending him tumbling onto the sidewalk.

Sister station KTVX posted the video to YouTube where it has since been viewed tens of thousands of times by people around the country and prompted a flood of angry comments.

The footage can be seen here:

KTVX reached out to Salt Lake City Police Department officials for comment who said they have received a lot of feedback on the video.

Detective Greg Wilking with SLCPD confirmed it was one of the department’s officers.

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown released a statement on Sunday regarding the officer seen shoving a man with a cane to the ground during Saturday’s protests.

“We have spent hours sifting through the footage to identify the officer involved, we know who it is and we have begun the investigation,” said Brown. “I have seen the video, and it was inappropriate.”

Brown said they will follow their procedures which includes and internal affairs investigation as well as a review by the civilian review board who will then provide a recommendation to him.

“I want to say this is not what I would expect from Salt Lake City PD,” said Brown. “My expectations are that if people are exercising their first amendment rights, we give them the space to do so peacefully.”

Brown said he has spoken to the man seen in the video to express his concern for his well being and to apologize to him directly.