This guy found the ‘perfect’ parking spot in Chicago

National News

CHICAGO (WGN) — You’ve heard the phrase, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Well, in most parts of Chicago, the same thing could be said about free parking. But one guy seems to have found the perfect spot.

George Owens found a tight squeeze for his moped in Andersonville right between a loading zone and a metered spot.

“I refuse to give Lori Lightfoot money unless I absolutely have to,” he said in a tweet.

While the tweet implies the money would have gone to the mayor, all the revenue from Chicago’s parking meters actually goes to a private company and not the city. The arrangement is due to an infamous deal Mayor Richard M. Daley made in 2008 to sell the meters to private investors.

 The photo was tweeted Monday and, as of Wednesday morning, had over 24,000 likes.

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