BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (WXIN) – A new Taco Bell in the Midwest could be the future of fast food.

Dubbed Taco Bell Defy, the newly opened restaurant in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota offers customers a four-lane drive-thru and what some on social media are calling the “food tube.”

“The first of its kind two-story model delivers innovative technology and design, like a proprietary vertical lift to transport iconic craveable Taco Bell menu items straight from the kitchen to fans,” writes the fast food chain in a release.

Taco Bell shared a video of the restaurant on social media ahead of its June 7 opening.

The kitchen is housed above the drive-thru lanes, and once the food is done, it travels down a vertical lift reminiscent of “The Jetsons.”

Customers can also order inside via kiosks or order ahead on the Taco Bell app and get their food by scanning a QR code when they arrive.

Three of the four lanes will be used for pre-orders and delivery drivers working for third-party companies. The fourth lane will be used for traditional drive-thru customers who order in the drive-thru lane itself.

For those who can’t resist the purple glowing sign from the street and prefer to drop in for their favorite menu items, there’s one lane dedicated solely for this purpose,” said Taco Bell.

The goal is to give you a drive-thru experience of two minutes or less.

Taco Bell Defy does not come without human elements. You communicate with team members on the second floor via two-way audio and video technology.

The restaurant is a result of the partnership with long-time franchisee Border Foods.

The company worked with Minneapolis-based Vertical Works Inc. to bring the design to life.