LAS VEGAS (KGET) — Laughter and guffaws are common among Father Adam Kotas’ hundreds of thousands of followers due to his videos and jokes. But there are those who do not find his way of expressing his religion funny: The Dioceses of Santa Rosa and Las Vegas have both publicly expressed their disapproval.

Reporter Eric Jimenez explains the controversy surrounding Father Adam Kotas in a three-part series originally seen on Telemundo Valle Central.

His jokes, his dances and his peculiar sermons have attracted the eyes of hundreds of thousands.

Father Kotas identifies as Catholic, but currently he no longer belongs to a Roman Catholic diocese.

In one of his videos, he joked “Because I don’t hear anything from one ear. I never like to say which ear because they want to confess in that ear.”

In another, he joked, “I am the son of God.”

The priest was ordained on May 22, 2010 as a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Santa Rosa. He spent about three years in the Diocese of Las Vegas.

“I decided to leave the Roman Catholic Church,” said Father Kotas of the Polish National Church. “It is not something that I decided from one day to the next. I have not understood and I needed to find a place where I could be well. No one wanted to listen to me. They did not care about my well-being. My health was worth my psychological well-being.”

A letter from the Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa said Father Kotas “is removed from ecclesiastical office for publicly departing from the Catholic faith or from the communion of the church.”

“All people who say that I am not a priest do not understand the theology of the Catholic Church, when a man is ordained a priest it is until death and after death even if I go to hell I will continue to be a priest, because the priesthood never erases one of the three sacraments that imprint character according to Catholic theology.” Father Kotas said.

The Diocese of Santa Rosa said that when the ministry or commitment to ordination is abandoned, it has serious canonical consequences such as excommunication, dismissal, suspension and deposition.

“They threatened me if you don’t leave, we’re going to do everything so you don’t become a priest, so much pressure makes me sick,” Kotas said. “I joined the Polish National Church because I needed to be here in Las Vegas. I felt called to be in Las Vegas. I came for my health.”

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas also sent a letter about Father Kotas stating that Father Kotas “has founded a breakaway church” and “has persisted in his public defection from communion with the Church of his ordination and has submitted to excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church.”

“The Diocese of Las Vegas has never communicated with me,” Father Kotas said. “I have sent emails telling them we are going to sit down we are not going to fight because they are removing these things they are not going to sit down, I am a Catholic.”

“Faith is not for fighting. We are not going to be greengrocers,” Father Kotas added.

Father Kotas said that no controversy would distance him from his goal of taking his message to the population.

“And that is injected into people; that is why they feel abused, depressed, depressed, they lack dignity.” Father Kotas said. “I want to inject dignity, God loves you just the way you are and how I know that because I love you just the way you are.”

In Part 3 of the three-part series on Father Adam Kotas, Father Kotas talks about how his medical conditions have led him to look for ways to survive and his relatives who are currently in Ukraine in the midst of the Invasion Russian.