LAS VEGAS (KGET) — In the midst of the pandemic, several videos published by Father Adam Kotas from Las Vegas have gone viral on social media networks.

The priest, who identifies himself as Catholic, has also sparked controversy for his messages, which are sometimes a bit unusual. Reporter Eric Jimenez spoke with Father Kotas in a three part series originally seen on Telemundo Valle Central.

In Father Adam Kotas’ videos, you can see sometimes see him ringing bells and saying, “Hello. Hello. Father Adam Kotas greets you. Arriving and sharing,” in Spanish and English.

Father Kotas has gone viral on social media. More than two million people follow him on his professional Facebook page.

“In 2018 I was forbidden to post anything on social networks but what happened? The pandemic came and zaz snake,” Father Kotas said.

So the videos of the priest were shared by hundreds of netizens around the world.

“I began to put my masses on Facebook in the Facebook account I had and there, people began to edit them to grab them make TikTok, Instagram, do YouTube[…]And so my way of preaching spread. But I wasn’t looking and that’s how it spread,” said Father Kotas, a member of the Polish National Catholic Church.

Some of that preaching includes video of him saying, “This Lent I wish you death, die, die to this life so that you may live in the life of God,” and sometimes dancing and always full of jokes and laughter.

His effusive and peculiar way of expressing himself has captivated the millions of followers who react to his dances, songs and multiple occurrences.

“I put chilli on everything I do, you have to put chilli on it, you have to put sauce on it,” Father Kotas said.

Father Kotas identifies his way of preaching as laughter therapy.

“I am here to lift your spirits, and what lifts your spirits is good humor and faith comes to inject you with the will to live because we live in a depressed and anxious world,” Father Kotas said.

In an area of the church that Father Adam Kotas calls the flea, he has rosaries, statues, bibles and even this product that identifies it as blessed packages and exorcised.

“These are the packages that Father Adam Kotas makes and they leave the parish,” said Erick Heredia of Divine Mercy Parish. “It has oil, water, incense, salt, and they are the four sacramentals that people are going to use to bless, sanctify, and anoint people.”

Despite the frenzy on social media that Father Kotas has unleashed, it seems that the priest is not very happy with the Diocese of Santa Rosa where he was ordained as a Catholic priest Roman Apostolic, nor to the Diocese of Las Vegas.

Both places have sent letters about Father Kotas, which are discussed in Part 2 of this three-part series.