New app dials 911 at the sound of a safe word

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A new app will automatically call 9-1-1 and record emergencies with just the sound of your safe word.

On tuesday, “UrSafe” launched the app on iOS and android systems.

An air force veteran and two medical professionals created the technology. They hope it will help save lives in any assault situation. Users can call out their safe word even if their phone is across the room.

The device will instantly record the incident, send the person’s name to police and store a streamed video on a designated person’s smartphone.

The hand free option is programmed to the owner’s voice, so no one else can trigger it.

UrSafe’s creators hopes 9-1-1 centers will buy the app so calls will be sent to the nearest emergency dispatch center. The company hopes ride-share companies, dating apps and the military embrace the app.

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