Massive Plant Draws A Crowd

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An Ohio woman’s giant plant is making gardeners green with envy.

A colossal elephant ear plant is growing outside the home of Suzanne Tobuck and Glenn Smith in Leetonia, and it’s getting all kinds of attention.

They don’t know how it got so big. All they do is water it.

“It needs a lot of water. we just water it sometimes when it’s hot two times a day. it does not like cold weather. as you can see the leaves are starting to go because we’ve had a few cold days. i call it the little shop of horrors,” said Tobuck.

She says it’s not even supposed to grow here. It’s an Asian plant meant for much warmer climates and it’s only two years old. When they first bought it, it was just a foot and a half tall. The leaves are now about 60″ wide and 65″ long. The plant itself is over eight feet high.

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