BLUE SPRINGS, Mo (WDAF) – Parents are demanding protection for their children after a so-called “hit list” was discovered at Blue Springs High School in Missouri. The list names over two dozen freshmen students and has bounties associated with each of them.

One version of the hit list circulating on social media shows the names of the targeted students, the reason each student is being targeted, and the amount of money you’d supposedly earn for beating them up.

“It’s heart-wrenching, you know? I don’t know if she’s safe or not,” said one mother whose child’s name is on the list. Nexstar isn’t naming the parent to protect the identity of her child.

The mother says her daughter is a special needs student and has been the target of bullying for several years.

“It has impacted her severely, to the point that she is very sad all the time and she feels like she has no friends,” the woman said. “We’re having to deal with other mental professionals to kind of help get her through this, and it’s very scary for her.”

The Blue Springs School District acknowledged the issue and sent the following statement:

“Over the weekend, we were made aware of the lists circulating on social media. Our administrative staff, the Department of Public Safety, and the Blue Springs Police Department are working together on the investigation. At this time, the social media posts are found not to be credible.”

Police said they have received five phone calls from concerned parents and have taken two police reports for threats in connection to the hit list.  

“I want them to protect my daughter, and that’s the bottom line,” the mother said.