“Hero” Arm Opens World Of Possibilities

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(WCNC) Giovanna Dubuc is like most teens. She loves texting on her smartphone, enjoying a sport, and even plays the violin.

And chances are she has the most incredible arm you have ever seen. 

It’s called the Hero Arm, and it’s the first of its kind in North Carolina.

Hanger Clinic uses a 3D printer to get an exact fit for the bionic prosthesis. It has different grips, a light touch, a hard grip. It even allows her to do fun greetings, like a peace sign. 

Dubuc’s mind sends signals down her arm. Sensors then activate the bionics and a processor brings it to life. 

“It isn’t until you actually put the prosthesis on where all of a sudden she fires a signal and the hand opens,” Mark Elgart with the Hanger Clinic explains.

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