Helping homeless pets in the heat

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(KSNV)  Thousands live on the streets in Las Vegas, Nevada many with a pet. With the extreme heat, their paws are at risk. That’s where the non-profit Urban Underdogs comes in, providing food and necessities for these animals that give so much to their owners.

“Even here it’s at 137,” says Cynthia Miyamoto holding up a temperature gun. 

That’s the temperature of the sidewalk and gravel. It’s more than 30 degrees hotter than the air temperature.

Now, imagine your dogs’ paws.

“You and I have a choice as to whether we walk our dogs in the morning or the evening, but for our homeless population, they don’t. This is it,” Miyamoto says.

Urban Underdogs also helps with vaccinations, spay and neutering, and feeding.

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