Colorado man saves his dog from mountain lion attack

National News

ESTES PARK, Colo. (KGET/KUSA) — A dog named Sadie is on the mend after surviving a mountain lion attack in Colorado.

Sadie lost an eye in the attack and has puncture wounds on her head, ears and chest.

Gene Whannel says he didn’t see any wildlife when he let Sadie out. It wasn’t until he heard what sounded like a mountain lion that he saw one on top of Sadie. Whannel ran outside and grabbed the first thing he saw.

“I grabbed that surveying stake and I hit the mountain lion once. And, I kind of remember he made eye contact with me,” he said.

“It’s jaws were on Sadie’s head. So, pretty much of a death grip I guess. Whatever you want to call it.”

The mountain lion eventually released Sadie and ran away.

Sadie is still recovering, but is no longer let outside without a leash on.

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