Cameras Capture School Bus Attack

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(WCMH) An 11-year-old Columbus, Ohio middle school student has been charged with assault after attacking another student on a school bus.

Police have also charged the suspect’s mother and brother in connection with the incident.

In the moments before the fight, the suspect takes off the sweatshirt that was tied around her waist and stretches her fingers. Everyone seems to know what’s about to happen, except the victim.

The incident happened on April 8. The mothers of both young girls involved say their daughters were the victims of bullying in school.

Donita Sinett says her daughter Sanita had a black eye and a busted lip.

I think moreso emotionally, she’s more damaged emotionally than she was physically, said Sinett.

Donita says her daughter has learning and behavioral issues and had been bullied by several other students at Champion Middle school for weeks. She says when she complained to school officials she was told her daughter would have to learn to fight back.

The suspect’s mother, Daja Cox, said, in fact, it was her daughter who had been bullied.

I told her, you know if they’re going to keep bullying you, you’re going to have to handle it. We’ve already talked to teachers, we’ve already talked to principals, we’ve already talked to everyone and no one wants to get involved.

She says she gave her daughter the green light to throw fists.

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