Butterfly invasion threatens crops

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(WOWT)  Overwhelming populations of the Painted Lady Butterfly are beautiful to see but might be causing havoc to Nebraska soybean plants.

It is typical for this butterfly to migrate through Nebraska during this time of year, but according to experts, these numbers are out of the ordinary and might be causing issues for Farmers in the area.

Soybean farmers like Curt Mether are hoping to avoid spraying again if they can help it.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of them painted lady butterflies and they’ve been really devastating on the beans we’ve already sprayed twice,” said Mether.

Mether has 600 acres of soybeans under cultivation. So far, two generations or “flushes” of the Painted Lady butterfly caterpillars have attacked his crop.

According to experts, this is the heaviest population in decades.

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