Arkansas man robs same liquor store six times in three weeks

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(KARK/NBC News)  Managers of a Little Rock, Arkansas liquor store are taking extreme measures to stop a robber from targetting their place of business.

The Markham Street Liquor Store has been robbed six times by the same person in just three weeks.

“A guy who comes in at different times, just comes in the door acting like he’s shopping picks up three of the biggest bottles you can find in a liquor store, most expensive and runs out of the door,” says Vishal Patel.

Patel and Parul Modi are managers at the business. They say each time the man has come in, he leaves with around $150 worth of liquor without paying.

“I think he got away twice so he wanted to keep on doing it,” Patel syas.

Patel says it takes 17 seconds to get from behind the counter to the front door, and by then the thief is already gone.

“Yesterday when he came in, it took him seven seconds to grab the bottle and run out,” Patel says.

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