The Texas Rangers still need to dot some i’s and cross some t’s before the contract is official, but Tim Lincecum is a Texas Ranger. 

The move has been talked about for more than a week, but there was a tragic incident that delayed getting him into camp. His 37-year-old brother passed away last week in the Seattle area. Lincecum took time to attend the funeral and be with family. He arrived Tuesday ready to work.

The 10-year veteran and two-time Cy Young award winner was back on the field for a morning throwing session which included some long toss.

It’s been expected he would join the Rangers bullpen and he confirmed that when he spoke with the media.

“Right now i’m approaching this season with the bullpen idea. Just because I think throwing more often is a better fit for me. I’ve been working at Driveline which is a facility up in Kent, Washington, to try and get my stuff back and throwing more often has been beneficial to me,” Lincecum said. “So I’m just trying to approach this season the same way and taking it day by day to see what happens.”

The organization thinks he will be successful in a new role.

“His body is seemingly in better shape. The mobility, flexibility and power in his lower half. Between that and the transition to a bullpen role gave us some confidence that he could be a successful part of the team,” Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels said.

Ultimately, the fans are in for a special treat if he can regain his top form.

“He’s fun to watch. You put yourself in a fans perspective and he looked different than everyone else and was different. Two Cy Youngs tell the story really,” Rangers Manager Jeff Banister said.

There is a much-anticipated return to see Lincecum in action since he hasn’t taken the mound since August 2016.