BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Days after jurors found Jacqueline and Trezell West guilty five of the seven charges in the disappearance of their adopted sons Orrin and Orson West, questions remain in the case, including where are the boys’ bodies?

“These could have been my girls. We love these kids, those two little boys are our boys,” family friend Aracely Patino said. “They are Bakersfield’s boys, and I just don’t want any parents to go through what the biological parents are going through.”

Though the Wests were found guilty of murdering 4-year-old Orrin, jurors failed to reach verdicts on murder and conspiracy in connection with 3-year-old Orson’s disappearance and alleged death.

Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Raimondo said it is now up to District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer if she wants to pursue a retrial.

“I think the District Attorney’s going to take in great consideration the family’s feelings in addition to what is the cost benefit analysis of that is. I mean they’re going to get mandatory life sentences already,” he said. “Personally I’d be surprised if they do go forward given the multiple life sentences each of the defendants face.”

Raimondo said that as the family processes the verdict, a retrial could force them to relive the emotions of the trial all over again.

“A trial is very trying on the families as well and emotionally draining on the families as well so they may all want some closure. I wouldn’t be surprised if the family does seek some closure once the sentence is imposed,” Raimondo said.

Another option could be the Wests negotiating their sentences by confessing where Orrin and Orson are, if they know where the boys are. Raimondo said a confession seems unlikely at this point.

“Could they negotiate in a way for show us where the bodies are? Perhaps. But I think that ship has already sailed,” Raimondo said.

Sentencing for Jacqueline and Trezell West is scheduled for July 13.