BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – As the biological family of brothers Orson and Orrin West mark a year since their sons’ disappearance, frustration and worn patience are fueling action by the Pettus family.

“Somebody knows what’s going on,” said Charles Pettus, the biological father of the boys. “If you did something, let people know because you’re hurting people’s kids. You’re taking family away from family, these were babies.”

Attorneys Antonio Castillo and Darren Richie are part of a Beverly Hills law firm representing the Pettus family in a suit against Kern County.

Kern Child Protective Services took the boys from their biological parents and placed them with Jacqueline and Trezell West.

That suit alleges the county was negligent to take the boys from their birth parents — Pettus and his mother, Brenda — and place them in the custody of the West family, which adopted the boys and had custody when they disappeared.

The suit also alleges wrongful death.

Castillo — the lawyer — says that allegation is based on reports that human remains have been found near where the boys were reported missing in California City.

“They recently found human remains it looks like they were found in early-November,” Castillo said. “So the children’s father, Mr. Pettus, went in to allow DNA to be collected see if there was a potential DNA match.”

But Castillo said he didn’t know any specific details about the reported discovery.

Bakersfield Police declined to comment on the possible discovery of remains and said it is routine to ask family of missing persons to submit DNA samples.

Watch the full interview with Pettus’ attorneys Antonio Castillo (left) and Darren Richie (right).

Kern County CPS did not have any comment regarding the suit.

Ultimately, Pettus family attorney Darren Richie said, Kern County put the brothers in an unsafe situation and is responsible for whatever happened. “We believe that they [Kern County Child Protective Services] are responsible for their disappearance,“ Richie said.  “We will see if that turns into more and it is incumbent upon these bureaucratic government agencies to do more with respect with the lives of children, this is not a puppy that we are taking form one shelter to another, these are human beings.”