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KGET TV-17 is teaming with Adventist Health Bakersfield to highlight the many inspiring stories in our community.

Lives are transformed every day by people in our community who care, taking action to better the lives of others.

In a new series called “Together Inspired” this story highlights a group of young people who believe it’s time for change.

“There’s so much that needs to be fixed,” said Lorena Herrera, a student at California State University Bakersfield.

They want to make our community a better place.

“I hope to change their mindset and mine too,” said Elisa Bega, a student at Bakersfield College.

They’re Transitional Youth Mobilizing for Change, otherwise known as, TYME4CHANGE.

“It all starts local. The change that you make here is the change that’s going to start all throughout the country and eventually all throughout the world,” said Nicholas Hulsey, a student at Bakersfield College

They’re lending their voice to those who need it.

“Everybody needs a helping had at some point in there lives, but not everybody wants to speak up and say it,” said William Ford, a student at Bridges Academy.

A youth-driven research and service program focused on education, advocacy, and community development.

“This is something I’ve never experienced in my life growing up. No adult has every given us kids the options to be able to speak up and have our word out there,” said Christian Rosales, a student at Mojave River Academy.

Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they aren’t capable.

“It’s not impossible just because of the age gap or lack of resources,” said Alexander Hernandez, a student at San Francisco State University.

Together they can. Together they will.

“I just want to help out the community because everybody has it rough and just to be able to give somebody hope or to do something they want, it’ll be amazing,” said Ehab Moqbel, a student at Mira Monte High School.

TYME4CHANGE empowers young people to learn about their community’s needs identify and research ways to meet them and take action.

The first action on their list at Sunset Middle School in Weedpatch.

The group says students at the school often fight over playground equipment, classrooms are falling apart and gang signs and related issues plague the school.

“As a Hispanic person, when I see those little kids, I see myself in them so I see its importance and know what its like. I don’t come from the best background. I know what it’s like to want something that’s simple for other people to get, like a basketball or a soccer ball or a tether ball,” said Stephanie Contreras, a student at Independence High School.

Something as simple and as small as a basketball, their vehicle for change.

“I believe a small change is always very important,” said Clarissa Alonso, a student at Fresno State.

“What we’re doing might be small, but hopefully other people can see what we’re doing and it also inspires them to go ahead and do other great things for our community,” said Marcela Arias, a student at Stockdale High School.

TYME4CHANGE hopes to buy playground equipment, repair classrooms and paint murals at Sunset.

If anyone is interested in helping the group, financially or otherwise, please send an email to Tabatha Mills at

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