Together Inspired: Flex It Pink supporting women in fitness journeys

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TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KGET) — What started out as a fun way to connect with and support other women on their fitness journeys, turned into big business for two Tehachapi women, and now they’re taking their message of empowerment and health worldwide.

Elisha Villanueva never meant to start a business. She just wanted support on her own health journey.

“I lost 80 pounds after my youngest son and I started the group because I thought all my normal Facebook friends were getting tired of hearing about my weight loss,” said Villanueva.

She and Anna Snyder have known each other since elementary school. Anna had her own health journey after having kids, where she fell in love with fitness.

“I love to teach women how to lift, I love to program workouts, and I hope to inspire other people to do this as well,” said Snyder.

Flex it Pink was born in 2013 with a little Facebook group of 300 women. It’s now grown to more than 120,000 followers and a big business venture. What started as a journey to better health for themselves, became a mission to help other women achieve that too. Their Facebook page is filled with stories of pounds lost and confidence gained.

“The inspiration goes full circle. These women, we hear their stories now and they’re telling us how much we have helped them but listening to their stories, fuels our fire. This one woman said she did a burpee for the first time in her life, she couldn’t get down and back up and now she’s doing burpees,” said Villanueva.

“One woman who couldn’t even run a mile, and runs half marathons now. They’re like all because of you guys. It’s very touching and keeps us moving because of their stories,” says Snyder.

Flex it Pink started doing virtual runs way before the pandemic ever hit. Out of those, a monthly athleisure shipment was born. Now they have 8,000 monthly subscribers, and their warehouse, one of two locations in Tehachapi, is littered with motivational evidence. Soon, the gym wasn’t the only place they were making gains.

“We have definitely blown up in 2020. It was our largest year and 2021 has already broken records. So yeah, you can say our revenue has been in the multi-millions. Can we say that? We don’t make that much!” clarified Villanueva.

Snyder adds that they didn’t even take paychecks for several years, they put everything they made right back in the business.

“We hire local teens, all girls because we try to empower women. Our screen printer is a mom and she runs the whole business herself. We work with the high school, they build boxes for us, the special needs class.”

From virtual runs to monthly challenges, their goal is to empower women mentally and physically, 365 days a year. Villanueva thinks their focus on their mission is why they’ve been so successful.

“We never cared about being a successful company, we just cared about helping women. If you stick to your core mission then you’ll be successful. We still don’t care about anything but helping women be as healthy as they can for their kids and their family.”

You can follow along with Flex it Pink on Instagram or Facebook. The challenges and motivation are completely free.

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