Together Inspired: Bakersfield woman uses fitness to defeat a debilitating illness

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — KGET TV-17 is teaming with Adventist Health Bakersfield to highlight the many inspiring stories in our community.

Lives are transformed every day by people in our community who care, taking action to better others’ lives.

In line with our series titled “Together Inspired,” KGET highlighted Tiffany Lindsey, a local trainer, who has turned a debilitating illness into a reason for inspiration.

On the outside, Tiffany Lindsey’s life looks picture perfect. The Bakersfield mom has four beautiful children, a loving husband, and a part-time job as a fitness instructor. However, if you go back 15 years, life looked very different for this workout warrior.

“I just felt so low,” said Lindsey. “I felt useless.”

Following the birth of her four kids, Lindsay was diagnosed with a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The once vibrant 20-year-old was slowly losing control of her joints.

“It hit me hard really early, so I was pretty young to have it that severely,” said Lindsey.

While other young mothers held their children high in the air, Lindsay was struggling to stand upright. Often asking her young children for help on the daily tasks that she used to take for granted.

“I could barely walk, barely tie my kid’s shoes, or raise my arms high enough to wash my hair and brush my teeth,” said Lindsey. “My doctor wanted to put me in a wheelchair, but for that, I would have had to push myself, and I couldn’t back then.”

After years of different medications, failed treatments, and deep depression, she decided to take charge of her future.

“At one point, I was like you know what, that’s enough,” said Lindsey. “I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself.”

What started as a simple walk to pick her kids up from school quickly blossomed into an obsession.

“The more I moved, the stronger I got, which weakened the hold that my RA had on me,” said Lindsey.

Now, years later, the once immobile Lindsey is symptom-free. She has also turned that newfound passion for physical fitness into a part-time job, teaching High Fitness classes at Polo Park. The high endurance classes help her forget the past and focus on the next barrier she can break.

“I went from barely being able to walk to now I’m lifting weights and teaching an aerobics class,” said Lindsey.

In the process, she has become an inspiration to the women she trains, who are there to overcome their obstacle.

“Don’t ever say that you can’t because you don’t know what you’re capable of until you allow yourself to try,” said Lindsey.

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