BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A local Walmart employee is being hailed a hero after she helped a customer who suffered a medical emergency while shopping.

Bill Stewart of Bakersfield walked into the Walmart on Rosedale Hwy in early April when he suddenly felt chest pains. “I felt the pain in my heart,” he said.

“I know what it feels like. I had [chest pains] before. I bent down to feel my heart; I said I’m having a heart attack.” Immediately, Walmart Customer Host Jordan Longwith stepped in to help.

“When I heard chest pains, instantly I went over there,” Longwith said, noting she had prior experience with rendering aid to a heart attack patient. Just two months before Stewart’s heart attack at the Rosedale Hwy Walmart, Longwith helped her father as he suffered a heart attack. That experience, per Longwith, taught her about the seriousness of chest pains.

When she saw Stewart inside the Walmart he did not seek medical attention at first.

“I did not want to go to the hospital,” Stewart said during a ZOOM interview with 17’s Eytan Wallace. “I said ‘no paramedics, no fire department. I don’t want them. [Longwith] spoke up and said we’re getting them anyway.'”

Longwith said she spoke about her father’s situation to Stewart’s daughter. “‘You don’t want to mess with it,'” Longwith said to Stewart’s daughter. “‘Call an ambulance.'”

Longwith also ran through the store to look for medication, but in the end, it was her quick thinking that doctors attributed to saving Stewart’s life. When asked whether she is a hero, Longwith said no. But Stewart begged to differ.

“She is a total hero, yes. If it wasn’t for that, I would not be standing here today…She saved my life that day. She totally saved my life. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her.”

Longwith and Stewart said they hope this story serves as a reminder to others: If you see something, say something, and if you are not feeling well, seek medical attention. It could save your life.