Pivot with Purpose: Local woman lends her voice to book about surviving the pandemic as a business owner

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During the pandemic, the ability to pivot became a necessity for everyone. But there’s a difference between pivoting to simply survive, and pivoting with purpose.
A group of female entrepreneurs wants to help other women do the latter. And they wrote a book about it.

You’ve seen money expert Andrea Woroch join us many times on 17 News at Sunrise. But during the pandemic her workflow, like the rest of ours’, changed drastically.

“I work with media and because travel was limited producers and shows were not having guests in person, the opportunity to continue growing my brand was limited and what I was doing it just seemed like there might not be those opportunities in the future, and what was I going to be doing if I wasn’t doing that and I needed to buckle down and figure out my next steps,” says Woroch.

She joined a mastermind group called the Pitch Club. Where female business owners came together to network and share ideas. It was the brainchild of public relations strategist Rebecca Cafiero. “I remember sitting there in March thinking I don’t think this is going to be two weeks,” says Cafiero.

As the women pivoted their business strategies and their lives, they realized, they had a pitch worth sharing with anyone who would listen. So they took their ideas, and each woman’s unique story, and put it in a book: Pivot with Purpose. Cafiero says every author’s story is different. “From fashion designers to front line workers, to people who left their corporate jobs and started their own company. There are a lot of different stories in there but they all give the tool or takeaway or insight or resource on how you can have more control on creating a life that you love.”

Proceeds from the book are going to the non-profit Dress for Success. You can find the book, Pivot with Purpose on Amazon.

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