It’s a new twist on bedtime stories.

A local teacher is using technology to provide every child with a story before they nod off to sleep.

Wajeha Chaudhry, a teacher at Louden Elementary School, discovered many of her students didn’t have anyone reading to them at night before they go to bed.

“I teach third grade and I was teaching math and a lot of parents had questions about math homework. I started making Youtube videos to reach the parents so they could understand what was being done in school. Soon after I attended some teacher conferences on reading and teaching students how to read. After I asked my kiddos if they were being read to at night and I think like two kids raised their hands,” Chaudhry said.

She set out to change that.

She created Ms. Chaudrhy’s Champions, a youtube page dedicated to sharing bedtime stories with young people.

“I wanted to meet with the kiddos, but how can I reach them? I couldn’t go into their homes, but they all have tablets, they have phones and laptops. They have ways to get online. I’ll meet you there,” Chaudhry said.

Ms. Chaudhry invites guest readers to join her in the adventure.

Every Friday she introduces viewers to a new storyteller and a new story.

“Honestly, when I heard about it I thought it was an awesome idea. In a world where everything is on the iPad, it’s always very cool to pull out a book and if we can do that interactively for kids, it’s just a great way to incorporate technology and give them access to a cool new adventure every week,” said Tanveer Riar, a local dentist and owner of Riar Dental Arts who chose to read “The Bernstien Bears visit the dentist” for Ms. Chaudhry’s Champions.

Ms. Chaudhry also provides stories in other languages.

She is currently looking for more readers.

If you are interested in reading, email Ms. Chaudhry at

To find Ms. Chaudhry’s Champions, click here: