Made For More: City leaders, local artists proclaim better days ahead as they ‘shout it from the rooftops’

Made For More

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Adventist Health believes this community was made for more; More caring. More support. More hope. We’re inspired by those who make this community a better place. Adventist Health and KGET wants to honor them.

A new video released this month shows a group of local artists and city leaders singing a message from rooftops that Bakersfield will bounce back from the pandemic better, brighter, and stronger than ever before.

The video features local artists of all ages, faith groups, and Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh. In fact, the video was made its debut on TV-17 earlier in July during Mayor Goh’s annual state of the city address.

“We’re resilient, we are shouting from the rooftops. We are coming back better than before,” Goh said, noting in an interview with 17 News that she after seeing a similar rooftop video online.

Community Foundation Southwest Louisiana, a non-profit that connects philanthropists with causes dedicated to improving communities, came up with the idea for the original video after the Southwest Louisiana region experienced five federally-declared disasters over the last year, including two powerful hurricanes.

“I think it’s worth saying that we said ‘shout it from the rooftop’ because so many of the rooftops were covered with blue tarps from the hurricanes,” said Shelby Hoffpauir with the Foundation. “So many people were up on the roofs for so long, it became a normal conversation,” she continued.

After Goh called the foundation to obtain the rights for the music, Bakersfield-based Media production company Beacon Studios was put in charge of making a localized version for the mayor’s speech.

“It was a feat Bakersfield came together,” said Justin Cummings, the founder and a partner with the Beacon Studios. “We called friends, family, we called anybody we could to make sure we could get this thing done in the time we had we were very proud of it.”

John Merlo, also a partner with the Beacon Studios, said it was an honor to help lead the effort to make the video a reality.

“Being that voice from the music community to be able to inspire — to be able to give something for everybody to enjoy is great.”

Thousands of miles away, Hoffpauir is grateful the message from the original video is now hitting the rooftops of Bakersfield.

“It means the world to Southwest Louisiana that there is hope and there is hope everywhere.”

*The writer of the original video was Ed Fruge from Lake Charles, LA. The Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce played a significant role organizing behind-the-scenes to make the local video a reality.

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