Katygirl Designs: Local designer’s cards and artwork featured in stores across the country

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Social media has become an avenue for so much more than social connections. It has become a conduit for doing business, raising awareness or growing a dream. It was through Instagram that a local dreamer-turned-designer was discovered, and now you can find her designs and greeting cards at stores around the country.

“I love clouds, so I always remind myself to look up.”

Katy Fults

For designer Katy Fults, having her head in the clouds is a good thing. It’s how she keeps herself focused on the Lord, and dreaming big.

"When I was little I wanted to go to summer camp and my parents told me if I wanted to go I had to earn the money on my own," said Fults. "So I would make greeting cards using rubber stamps. I would pile them up in a little red wagon and go door to door selling these greeting cards. I don‘t know that people bought them for the greeting card I think they were just trying to slip me a 20 so I could go to camp, but I mean it kind of stirred this dream in me when I was 12 that someday I would have my own card line in stores. I’m 39 and it just happened.”

A few years ago, a contact from Dayspring, a brand of Hallmark, saw Katy’s artwork on Instagram and reached out. Her card line just got released into Hobby Lobby, Walmart and Christian book stores last month. Friends and family are snapping pictures of themselves finding her inspirational designs in stores around town and the country. Katy hand-letters sayings, scripture and phrases for planners, devotionals, calendars and cards.

"I love lettering scripture, but I just also love to encourage people and I always think of it as adding a little splash of sunshine to someone‘s day because you never know what someone’s going through behind the scenes,” said Fults.

Katy’s advice for other dreamers?

“I feel like you should always go for and I also think it`s OK to fail at some things,” she said. “I remember one year I worked so hard on this project. I was so excited to release it. It was a calendar I had worked really hard on. I thought it was the best thing I had ever made. It was one of the products I sold the least of and I threw hundreds of them away at the end of the year. I was devastated and I felt like shutting everything down.”

But she didn’, and today she works under a sign on her wall that reminds her, no dream is too big.

"I have a wall sign in my office that says 'out dream yourself,' because I always feel like, like now my card line is in stores, what‘s next? What’s the next dream?”

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