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It's been 18 years and Kathleen Heisey's family and friends still cry out of for justice.

They say they aren't getting it from the Bakersfield Police Department, so they reached out to us. By the dozen. They wanted us to tell them what detectives wouldn't. They wanted us to make sure the case wasn't forgotten.

They want justice. They want to know: Who killed Kathleen Heisey?

Lisa Heisey

Lisa Heisey is Kathleen Heisey’s daughter who was 25 and living in Washington State when Kathleen Heisey was killed on June 29 or 30, 1998.

Kathleen raised Lisa and her son, Timm, as a single parent and was very close to both children.

Lisa says she was never as involved in the investigation as her brother Timm, but with each year that’s gone by, she says her suspicion that the case has been mishandled has grown.

In September, after her a detective was assigned full-time to her mother’s case as a result of this KGET investigation, Lisa was contacted by Bakersfield police for the first time in nine years.

Eighteen years after the killing, a sample of Lisa’s DNA was taken so investigators can rule it out against other DNA found in Kathleen’s home back in 1998.

Lisa says she still doesn’t know who she believes is responsible for her mother’s slaying.She still lives in Washington with her husband and her daughter – named Kathleen. Lisa kept Heisey as her last name and kept it for her daughter as well, making her daughter, she said, “little Kathleen Heisey” as a tribute to Bakersfield’s Kathleen Heisey.


If you or anyone you know has information regarding this case, you are urged to contact the
Bakersfield Police Department at