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It's been 18 years and Kathleen Heisey's family and friends still cry out of for justice.

They say they aren't getting it from the Bakersfield Police Department, so they reached out to us. By the dozen. They wanted us to tell them what detectives wouldn't. They wanted us to make sure the case wasn't forgotten.

They want justice. They want to know: Who killed Kathleen Heisey?

Carol Mehochko

Carol Mehochko was a teacher at Browning Road Elementary School while Kathleen Heisey was principal, and was a close friend.

As she looks back now, Mehochko says Heisey’s death was doubly painful because her friend seemed to know she was in danger.

Mehochko said Heisey told her she was frightened of co-worker Lloyd Wakelee.

She specifically said she was afraid Wakelee was going to kill her in the middle of the night.

Mehochko said she advised Heisey not worry. Mehochko said she felt Heisey’s concerns were unfounded.

Wakelee has never been arrested in connection with the Heisey case. His wife says he suffers from dementia and is confined to a convalescent home. His wife says he has taken a polygraph test, given police a DNA sample, and has an alibi supported by photos and receipts.Mehochko said Heisey also confided she was seeing a married man. Mehochko says Kathleen didn’t talk about him much, but implied that she was considering ending the affair.


If you or anyone you know has information regarding this case, you are urged to contact the
Bakersfield Police Department at