As a proud sponsor of Kern Ag Week, Jim’s Supply Co. acknowledges the importance of agriculture to our community. Not only is agriculture a key part of our economy, but it is also essential for sustaining our expanding population.

Jim’s Supply was founded in 1959 by Jim and Doreen Boylan. The company started as a structural steel and pipe supplier, and in 1980, they expanded to include full on-site production of trellising materials.

Jim’s Supply has worked with both domestic and international growers for several decades. We know the unique challenges farmers face, and we are committed to taking care of them by providing custom, long-lasting structures along with essential field supplies, such as harvest and pruning supplies, crop protection, training and tying tools, and much more.

Jim’s Supply specializes in the development and manufacturing of trellising systems that help improve crop yields, enhance light distribution, and reduce replacement costs. These trellising components, such as metal stakes and cross arms, are manufactured at our headquarters, right in the heart of Bakersfield.

We believe that Kern Ag Week is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the valuable contributions made by our agricultural community. As a sponsor, we are dedicated to promoting the growth and sustainability of agriculture in Kern County and are committed to providing exceptional service and reliable products to our partners. Whether they need solid trellising systems or crop maintenance supplies, we are here to help farmers flourish. We are proud to support our grower partners, and we are devoted to helping them succeed. Together, we can ensure a bright and prosperous future for agriculture in our community.

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