SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Democrats in the state Assembly are attempting to remove Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Democrat from Lakewood, from his post, multiple sources confirmed to Inside California Politics Friday.

The sources who spoke on condition of anonymity did not point to specifics, but said that a series of unnamed issues led to the decision.

Sources said Democrats believe they have enough votes to name Assemblyman Robert Rivas, a Democrat from Hollister, as his replacement.  

Rivas confirmed this in a statement Friday. Sources said the action is supported by both progressive and moderate Democrats, which have a super majority over the Assembly.

A spokesperson for Rendon said Friday the office did not have information to share.

Some Republican Assemblymembers who did not want to be identified said they received calls from Rendon Friday afternoon seeking support.

In a statement, Rivas said he met with Rendon Friday morning to discuss the votes and potential change in leadership. In a statement, he said, “Anthony Rendon has been an effective and unifying Speaker. I am grateful to him for his steady leadership and I am confident a smooth transition of power is a shared value of ours.”

It’s unclear when exactly the leadership change will happen, as the state legislature is working on the state budget due June 15 and a primary election set for June 7.

Lawmakers in the Assembly will need to publicly vote on the change, which could happen Tuesday at the earliest. Lawmakers ended session Friday morning and don’t return to Sacramento until after the holiday weekend.