Introducing the Kern County Homicide Tracker

Since 2000, more than a thousand local people have been shot, beaten or strangled to death. KGET is now tracking these crimes, creating a database of local crime and punishment and offering resources for families of victims.

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Telling the Victims’ Stories

It’s become the new normal. On average, someone is killed nearly every four days in Kern County. It’s an issue often only reported in snapshots. In many cases the victims’ stories aren’t told with details going unreported. Our goal is to change that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is homicide defined? What is and isn’t included? And more.

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  • The coroner rules a death to be a homicide when the death is “at the hands of another.”
  • The term “homicide” includes deaths from murder and justifiable self-defense.
  • The term “homicide” does not include accidents or vehicle deaths.

There have been 79 confirmed homicides in
Kern County so far in 2022.

(new record) 99
(new record) 103
(new record) 112
(new record)140

Homicides by Year

Homicide Map

Tracker Tips

If you have information or questions about homicide in Kern County or our coverage:

Click here to contact KGET.
You can also call our Homicide Tracker staff at 661-283-1717.

Remember: You may choose to stay anonymous for publication, but please provide valid contact info. Please understand that not giving us contact info removes our ability to contact you further and get your side of the story.

If you have information on a homicide case:

This page is dedicated to Steve E. Swenson, Kern’s original homicide tracker.

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