Bakersfield truck-driving school still holding classes


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Schools across Kern County and the entire state are closed down while the U.S. tries to wait out the Covid-19 virus with self-quarantining and other measures.

But at least one school is still open for business — and welding classes start tomorrow.

Advanced Career Institute, a Visalia-based welding and truck driving school which opened a Bakersfield campus in July 2018, is addressing social distancing guidelines designed to take on the coronavirus pandemic as best it can.

The vocational school’s truck driving classes start April 6

Admissions advisor Tyler Placencio told KGET they’re sanitizing meticulously, maintaining the recommended distance between teacher and students, and pressing on.

Placencio noted that the U.S. needs truck drivers in a big way. In fact, he said, that particular job is considered essential, with an especially urgent need to move goods across the country.

But is learning that trade worth the present risk? That’s a decision only potential students themselves can make.

The nation’s 3.5 million professional truckers are in high gear with the demand for toilet paper, rice, beans, tuna and other staples soaring.

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