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The Wonderful Company gives back to Central Valley, pledges 250,000 surgical masks for Kern Schools


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Some may recognize the Wonderful Company for its mandarin California Halos, or the huge tracks of pistachios and pomegranates the ag producer grows in Kern County.

But Wonderful is much more than a local ag grower; during the Covid-19 crisis, the company is giving back to people in the Central Valley.

On Monday, the company held a free grab-and-go for its employees at the Wonderful Citrus site in Delano. The function also included basket giveaways for the families of Wonderful employees. The event was part of a larger effort to give 500,000 meals and essential items to employees and their families.

During an exclusive interview with KGET’s Eytan Wallace, Wonderful Company Co-owner and Vice Chair Lynda Resnick discussed in detail what else the Wonderful Company is doing to help during this time.

She noted the company is behind the installation of new internet access for students at the Wonderful College Prep Academy in Lost Hills, and the donation of 1.6 million Wonderful Halo mandarins for Kern County students, schools, and food banks.

“We’re a company that cares about people. We care about our customers. We care about our employees. We care about the children we serve,” Resnick said.

“We serve lots of children in our schools, and our schools do very well because our teachers are committed, and we’re committed to doing a great education for our children,” she continued.

Resnick also announced the company plans to donate 250,000 surgical masks to 47 Kern County school districts home to roughly 190,000 students.

“We’re also going to help them secure a couple million more masks because when we send those children back to school we want to make sure teachers and children are safe,” Resnick said.

“You are not a sissy if you wear a mask,” she continued. “You’re a macho hero. So please, I never go out of the house without a mask. My husband doesn’t either. And we really believe masks are the things that will keep us away from this virus. This virus is not over…God bless America and Kern County. Thank you. “

Resnick added the Wonderful Company is taking steps to ensure its emplyoees stay safe through the use of gloves, masks, and free screening tests for anyone who experiences COVID symptoms.

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