Staying safe from Coronavirus: how to wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, clean surfaces


There are still no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Kern County, but Public Health and local hospitals are preparing for a case any day now.

Doctor Ronald Reynoso, the chief medical officer at Adventist Health, spoke with us about what exactly is effective in preventing sickness.

The CDC has never recommended masks as being effective for staying safe against coronavirus.

Instead, hand washing, using hand sanitizer, and cleaning surfaces are the primary recommendations.

Dr. Reynoso advises using plenty of soap—at least two pumps.

Rather than rubbing your hands back and forth, he says to use a rotating motion, making sure to cover each finger.

Most importantly, he says to wash at least for 20 seconds—the typical length of a “Happy Birthday” or alphabet song.

Once you rinse off the soap, Dr. Reynoso says to dry off your hands first and use a towel to shut the water off, as not to touch the faucet.

If you aren’t near a sink with soap and water, he says hand sanitizer is the next best option.

Like with soap, he says to use just as much—at least two pumps for adults and one full pump for kids.

Again, he recommends rubbing in a rotational motion for about 20 seconds, until the sanitizer dries.

When it comes to cleaning surfaces like countertops or doorknobs, he says to follow the label’s instructions.

When using a spray or wipe, he says to wipe in a circular motion, going from the inside out.

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