Spreading joy during a year of darkness and saying it creatively


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The pandemic heavily affected family and locally owned businesses, but one local family dealt with a boom in business like no other during this time. Families stick together and hope for the best, and for the Hardt sisters, their sign business started off as a hobby but through the pandemic, it became a way to spend time with loved ones and spread joy to a community during one of the darkest years known.

Amie and Allison are sisters, best friends, in-laws, and creative business owners. Together four years ago they were inspired by Amie’s son Jacob to create their yard sign business, Say it Creative.

“My son wasn’t expected to live past the age of 1 and so every birthday that we get to have with him is special and he just turned 20 just this past month and we have wanted to make a big deal about every birthday,” said Amie Hardt, Co-owner of Say It Creative.

It’s no surprise when the pandemic hit their heart went out to all the individuals wanting to celebrate life’s precious moments. The Hardt sisters say they didn’t want to take life’s celebrations for granted.

“Oh my word it just grew overnight, we had two signs I think total we did last February and that was super exciting for us, we’re like yay we have two, you know?” Hardt said.
“And then in March it went to probably 50 we did, and then in April we were closer to 300 signs we did, and then it just kept going from there.”

By May of last year, the sisters had up to 500 orders that month alone, and to this day they have filled over 2,500 orders for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and welcome home signs.

“Some of the most special ones that we have done are the welcome home, the ones who have come home after chemo treatments or the kids who have been really sick with terminal illnesses because I’ve walked that road, I’ve lived through that with my son, and to be able to bring joy to a family, and the celebration of that kid coming home is a really big deal,” Hardt said.

Every single order handled and taken personally.

“And to know how those parents feel and to come home to a yard decorated and just the joy of getting to bring that child home is such a gift so those ones are really special to me because they are really personal, and of course the birthdays too because every birthday that we get to have with our son is one we didn’t know we would have,” Hardt said.

The Hardt Sisters are so appreciative to the Bakersfield Community for helping them spread joy through their business. For more information and to contact them visit their Facebook or their website.

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