Several local parents oppose school COVID vaccine mandates


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Debate is erupting in several local schools over the question: Should schools to bar your child if they’re not vaccinated against COVID-19? This comes as several parents came out in opposition to vaccine mandates for students in the Norris School District. Some parents at this district say they would rather pull their children from school than comply with a vaccine mandate. Amy Edmonson has two children in the Norris School District. She joined several parents protesting COVID vaccine mandates at a school board meeting last night.

“First off I want to say I’m not against vaccinations,” said Edmonson. “I believe we should have the choice of whether or not we’re going to put something in our children’s bodies.

“Schools require students to take vaccines for measles, mumps, that sort of thing, to go to school. What makes this vaccine different?” asked 17’s Moses Small.

“It’s not a vaccine, it’s not an immunization,” said Edmonson. “The difference with this one? They still will get COVID, and they still will spread COVID.”

“The Kern Public Health Dept. says right around 97% of people who catch the virus and go to the hospital with the virus in Kern are unvaccinated,” said Small. “Does it make any impact for you, knowing most of the cases are unvaccinated?”

“I don’t think it moves the needle with any parents as much,” said Edmonson. “Telling us what to do with our children, when there’s not enough research done on the long term effects of what could happen to our children.”

“Say the school goes ahead and enforces the government mandate. What do you think parents should do next?” asked Small.

“We’re going to be pulling our kids,” said Edmonson. I know a lot of parents who are going to be pulling their kids.”

The Norris School District says students who don’t get COVID shots will have to either do online schooling, an independent study program or home schooling.

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