‘Over my dead body’: Some local parents rally against school COVID-19 vaccine mandates


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A growing number of parents are showing up at local school board meetings to protest the state’s vaccine mandate for students. Some local parents tell 17 News they planed to come to a meeting at the Kern High School District tonight, urging the district to defy the state’s vaccine mandate. This comes as some local parents say they would rather pull their kids from school rather than vaccinate their children against COVID-19. Kris Dale has two children in local schools.

“How do you feel about vaccinating your kids?” asked 17’s Moses Small.

“I’m totally against it,” said Dale. “In fact I’ve had medical exemptions for both of my children. Since my son was one he had an adverse reaction.”

“Would you feel safer knowing your children’s classmates had COVID vaccines?” asked Small.

“I don’t think that really matters for me. Kids are resilient,” said Dale. “We’ve evolved for many, many many years. We don’t need modern science to change our body to fight any kind of disease.”

Public health says about 97% of people who catch the virus in Kern have not had a vaccine,” said Small. “Does that influence your thoughts about whether vaccines work?”

“I have a hard time with that figure, 97%. Statistics can be manipulated,” said Dale. “I don’t trust any vaccine where they say ‘for the first two weeks, you’re considered unvaccinated.'”

“Say schools go ahead and enforce the vaccine mandate. What happens next?” asked Small.

“‘If they do force it, you’re gonna see a lot of people exiting the school system,” said Dale. “It’s like over my dead body. I’m not gonna let my children be hurt medically. The government shouldn’t have a say in how we treat our own health.”

The state says the consequences for schools failing to enforce the vaccine mandate are the same as violating any other health order. Schools and administrators could be fined, sued, or face ‘significant financial liability’ if people catch the virus at school.

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