Norris School District parents protest student vaccine mandate


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Parents from the Norris School District turned out to protest the governor’s student vaccine mandate.

Several parents spoke in opposition to the mandate at Wednesday night’s Norris School Board meeting.

Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of vaccines required for children K-12 to attend public or private school in California once the vaccine receives final FDA approval.

Some parents are imploring the school board to take a stand against it.

“I suggest the Norris School Board team up with other local school boards in the county to form a larger voice against these actions,” grandparent Dennis McLean said to school board members. “I haven’t heard anybody come up with that idea. I believe with more school districts and more parent opposition we would be better heard at the state level.”

One parent even floated the idea of suing the governor which drew applause from the audience and a couple of the board members.

Outside the district office, local parents showed their frustration over the mandate.

Anti-mandate families left a long line of empty shoes representing the children who won’t be going to school if there’s a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in place. They say they’re not anti-vaccine, they just want a choice.

“This shouldn’t be so polarizing,” parent Jessica Champlin said.

“If you are an American you should be pro choice. We should have the choice to enroll our children in public education. They should have that in person right and be free of that mandate.”

Unless state lawmakers change things, students can be granted religious or medical exemptions for in-person schooling.

However, other students who don’t get the vaccine will have to either do online schooling, an independent study program or homeschooling.

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