Kern County ZIP codes part of state’s focus on delivering more COVID-19 vaccines to vulnerable areas


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Governor Gavin Newsom announced a new plan Thursday calling for an increase in COVID-19 vaccine allotment to more vulnerable areas.

“We need to be there for the most impacted members of our community,” he said during a one-on-one interview with KGET 17’s Eytan Wallace on Thursday. “Bottom line is we talk about equity, but we got to deliver on it.”

The plan, according to Newsom, calls for 40% of all new COVID doses to be allocated to 400 vulnerable ZIP codes impacting roughly eight million people.

Metrics used to determine which ZIP codes fall into the vulnerable category include household income, education level, housing status and access to transportation. While the state did not immediately provide which specific Kern areas qualify under the plan, Newsom promised the Golden Empire will benefit.

“Kern County is a perfect example of a community that has been underrepresented and underserved,” he said. “What we are trying to do is supplement our existing efforts and Kern County will be a disproportionate beneficiary for vaccines that will go into the county and vaccines that will be made available.”

The governor said residents in the 400 ZIP codes will receive a personal code once they sign up on Myturn.CA.Gov. “We’re moving away from group codes and going to individualized codes so that people from outside the community aren’t taking advantage and cutting in front, impacting those most vulnerable in the pandemic,” he continued.

As the state vaccinates more people under the new plan, California will gradually relax the metrics to move into the less restrictive red tier. Officials expect the number of vaccinated people to reach roughly two million people within the next few weeks.


93203 (Arvin)

93205 (Bodfish)

93215 (Delano)

93240 (Lake Isabella)

93241 (Lamont)

93249 (Lost Hills)

93250 (McFarland)

93251 (McKittrick)

93252 (Maricopa)

93263 (Shafter)

93268 (Taft)

93280 (Wasco)

93301 (Downtown Bakersfield)

93304 (South Bakersfield)

93305 (Northeast Bakersfield)

93306 (East Bakersfield)

93307 (Southeast Bakersfield)

93308 (Oildale / NW Bakersfield)

93309 (Southwest Bakersfield)

93501 (Mojave)

93505 (California City)

93516 (Boron)

93554 (Randsburg — Just south of Ridgecrest)


93355 (Ridgecrest)

93226 (Glennville)

93225 (Frazier Park)

93243 (Lebec)

93311 and 93312 (West Bakersfield and Seven Oaks)

93313 (South/Southwest Bakersfield)

93314 (West Bakersfield)

93285 (Wofford Heights)

93238 (Kernville)

93561 (Tehachapi)


Newsom also addressed the tens of thousands of people who work in Kern’s oil economy.

“We’ve got to have their back,” Newsom said. “I have made that crystal clear. I’ve been in the county on many occasions.”

Newsom also said it was important to “be completely candid,” noting a “transition is under way. It’s been under way for decades. At the end of the day, something big is happening as it relates to the transportation sector that will require us to have deeper thinking, and much more thoughtful and strategic thinking.”

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