Local schools offer free COVID tests to students


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — COVID testing protocols in schools have changed and testing kits have been sent out across the state.

Local school districts have already jumped on providing tests in different ways to families.

Schools are handling the COVID test differently.  Some are having parents take home the COVID test for their kids while others are having them test on site.

Families can get free COVID tests for their kids. Fruitvale School District is using its COVID tests in a free drive through for students and their families in the district parking lot.

While other school districts like Panama Buena Vista Union School District and the Bakersfield City School District are sending the kits home to families upon request. The Kern High School District has all of the kits available at their schools.

Parents say these extra steps really do make a difference.

“It makes it convenient just because you know they are providing it here at school instead of us having to go find a place to take them and I just don’t have time for that,” Samuel Molina a father of two kids says. “It makes it easier for me to get it from the school and have the kids get tested.”

Families have already started taking advantage of the free COVID tests. In Fruitvale, about 350 students have taken the test since last week. But teachers and students since then have tested positive and the strain has weighed down on the school system with the lack of subs.

However, because the isolation limit has decreased from 10 to five days upon negative COVID test, teachers and students are finding themselves back in the classroom quicker than before.

We reached out to the Bakersfield City School district multiple times throughout the day asking questions but the Public Information Officer, Tabatha Mills says they are too busy to answer. 

Now all the districts that would talk with us say their tests are optional but encourage families to use them if any symptoms begin to show.

“It makes me feel kind of great because at least they are looking into it because there are a lot of people going down, Ted Diaz an uncle of two kids said. “Take advantage of them, it’s a good thing and wear your mask.”

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