Local doctor says vaccinating kids is crucial for ending COVID-19 pandemic


As the White House gears up to vaccinate children as young as five years old, some local parents question whether these shots are safe for their children. The white house says it has enough Pfizer vaccines for every kid 5 to 11 years old, as soon as the FDA gives the green light. Local doctors say vaccinating kids is crucial for ending the pandemic. The latest state data says unvaccinated people are 12 times more likely to go to the hospital with COVID-19 than anyone who has taken a COVID shot.

“Is it a good idea for parents to give their kids COVID-19 vaccines?” asked 17’s Moses Small,

“I believe there’s a very good rationale for doing this,” said Dr. William Baker, a local physician. “For most of us, children don’t have very severe symptoms. But that actually makes the situation more dangerous. They transmit the disease home to parents, grandparents who are certainly at-risk.”

“Does the Pfizer vaccine affect children differently than adults?” asked Small.

“There’s nothing fundamentally different about children’s immune systems that would make them more vulnerable to side effects,” said Dr. Baker. “Trials have now proven, and the data is being given to the FDA, that in fact they’re safe and effective in children.”

“How do you respond to vaccine skeptics who say we don’t know enough about these shots?” asked Small.

“How many people have to die? How many more children have to die, before we accept overwhelming evidence that the vaccines are safe and effective?” said Dr. Baker. “How many more do we have to sacrifice before we recognize that the only way we extinguish this pandemic is through vaccination?”

If you want to make an appointment to get vaccinated, you can visit the state’s website.

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