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Kern’s coronavirus crisis worsens as cases, deaths and hospitalizations surge


It may be the beginning of what looks like a long and deadly journey as the coronavirus crisis intensifies in Kern County.

Local public health officials continue to tackle the overwhelming number of tests as people continue to get sick. It’s apparent the virus is spreading and it’s getting worse.

Nearly 1,900 cases were reported in Kern County Tuesday. It’s important to note that does not mean all those people tested positive in 24 hours. 12 new deaths were reported bringing our total to 135 lives lost. Our hospitalization rate continues to surge with nearly 200 people in the hospital receiving treatment for the virus.

The surge happened so fast. Within a week, it was evident the coronavirus was running out of control. Our infection rate is one of the highest, according to state public health data.

The shocking data paints a grim picture as we deal with this crisis. Data provided by the California Public Health Department shows Kern’s death rate will continue to rise for several more months. Projections show more than 1,500 people in Kern County could die from the virus, although this is an extreme projection and assumes no restrictions are put in place. A more conservative, although still concerning, projection shows about 650 lives lost if restrictions continue.

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