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Kern Public Health responds to doctors who say county should reopen immediately


“I’ve talked to the head of the California Department of Public Health. I’ve gotten their opinion on this and a lot of the leaders in Sacramento, and we’re all in agreement, but we need to have Governor Newsom in agreement with us to lift this (stay-at-home order). I’ve talked to our local head of the Health Department. Even though they’re in agreement with me, they’re waiting for the powers that be to lift.”

Those are words from Dr. Dan Erickson, who along with Dr. Artin Massihi, own the largest testing site in kern county, Accelerated Urgent Care.

In response, Kern Public health spokesperson Michelle Corson stated, “our director has not concurred with the statements that were made yesterday about the need to re-open at this time.”

She added, “The Centers for Disease Control, the top medical minds of our nation, the World Health Organization, our local state officials—the guidance is clear.”

However, the doctors do not agree with this guidance to stay at home, social distance, and wear a mask. So, Public Health insists you do not adopt their ideas.

“You can be asymptomatic and not know you’re sick and you can be spreading COVID-19,” Corson said.

Doctors Erickson and Massihi believe everyone without symptoms should return to work immediately. Public Health disagrees.

“We are eager to get back to our socializing and businesses re-opening. When that time comes, and it will, we will follow the governor, and we will do it safely and carefully,” Corson said.

Public Health worries that encouraging people to leave home will only prolong the time we have to stay there.

“Through social distancing, that is the one thing we can do to impact this curve, not burden our healthcare system, and hopefully get back to our daily lives as soon as possible.” Corson said.

“If you are going to dance on someone’s constitutional rights, you better have a good reason.” Erickson said.

And Public Health says, COVID-19 is a good reason.

“People are entitled to their opinion, and they are entitled to speak about this topic as they wish,” Corson said. “I want to just reiterate we do not agree with the statements that were made.”

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