Kern parents and teachers gather against COVID-19 vaccine mandate


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Some local parents and teachers grapple with the question: Should COVID-19 vaccines be required for students to go to school?

Teachers, parents and students from all across Kern county came together to strategize a plan to go against the vaccine mandate in California.

“We can start a recall on every elected official l not representing us,” Natalie Feinberg a teacher in the Kern Highschool District said.

“A sample letter for every parent to request their school site and their school district to not have any medical procedures, any medical modelling, any medical advisement without a parent present or lawyer present,” Feinberg said. “They don’t have a right to parent our children.”

Another option is to collect affidavits, enough to get answers from school boards as well as to get help from the sheriff.

“The goal for the affidavits is to activate an investigation by the sheriff into the stated complaints,” Luz Lopez an advocate said.

If these options don’t work, the group could take the issue to court.

“We could also file a class action but that’s usually done after the damages are done,” Kristine Jacobson another advocate said. “We’re trying to prevent the damages in the first place. We can put people on notice that our rights are being violated. They have a chance to correct their actions kind of like the affidavit process and then if they don’t correct their actions it goes to the next legal steps.”

Vaccine-hesitant families and teachers started planning for each of their own districts.

“We can’t sit and hope for a better day, the better day is not coming the door is shutting and we need to make sure they know what we want,” Feinberg said.

The next for the group is to send out their affidavits to the school district boards across Kern county. Essentially asking them why they aren’t representing this portion of parents in the school board meetings.

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