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Free resources to keep kids entertained


When life throws you a quarantine, you have to get creative. Especially when your kids become your co-workers. And while physical branches of the Kern County Library are closed, their online resources are plentiful. “First off we have our digital collection. We’ve always had but we’ve taken steps to make it more easily accessible to people. Our Hoopla platform, we’ve increased the number of checkouts. We also have our Overdrive platform, you can sign up for that with a phone number, you don’t even have to use a library card,” says Jasmine LoBasso with Kern County Library. “A lot of our libraries are holding story times on Facebook live. One off the top of my head is Beale Library, every Monday through Saturday, is holding PJ Storytime at 6 p.m.” You can find dozens of activities from digital escape rooms, a haunted radio hour, to virtual arts and crafts, all on the library’s website. Parenting hack, the drawing lessons may buy you an entire 30-minutes plus, to work uninterrupted.

If you don’t mind the noise, a little jam session might be just what little minds need right now. “We’re all going through hard times right now our children included, and sometimes children can have a hard time voicing their worries and their thoughts. So making music at home is a really great creative outlet for that. And music brightens the mood and relieves stress for all of us,” says Pyper Von Normann, who runs Yellow House Music Together. Not worry if you’re no Mozart, any type of music making will do. Von Normann says you can make instruments out of regular household items. An oatmeal canister can become a drum. A water bottle filled with coins or dried beans, can be a shaker.

If you have a house full of stir-crazy kids, chances are you could use some zen. LVL Fitness is offering free kids yoga classes. Six-year-old Eli loved it. And for younger ones, there’s Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. Or perhaps just find some peace, and a few minutes to answer emails, with a live aquarium feed found on the library website, the jellies can be really relaxing.

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