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Coronavirus survivor stories


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — While the number of coronavirus deaths continues to rise across the nation, most people who contract the virus go on to get better. 

We’re starting to hear from people who tested positive for the virus then recovered in our county. 

Richard Anderson:

“I was worried that I would get it, but I didn’t think would,” said Richard Anderson, Bakersfield attorney.

We spoke to Anderson back in march when he was first diagnosed with COVID-19. Anderson says he didn’t get the fever or the body aches. His only symptom was a  dry cough but he didn’t think much of it because he’d had the cough since December. Still, he decided to get tested.

“I didn’t think it would come back positive,” said Anderson.

He says not much changed after his diagnosis. He didn’t develop any symptoms and felt overall well during his time in quarantine. 

Now almost three weeks after he was diagnosed, Anderson says he’s in the clear and glad he can finally see his daughter and girlfriend. 

Darlene Denison:

“I feel like jumping for joy out in the front yard,” said Darlene Denison.

Denison could barely hold back her excitement.

“Im really excited that I can actually give my family hugs now and  can’t hurt them,” said Denison.

She’s also in the clear. Denison tested positive for COVID-19 on march 27.

“When they told me I was positive, I started having chest pains,” said Denison. “At that point, it became a reality check. People who went from moderate to worse in a day.”

Her symptoms were more severe than Anderson’s but they still didn’t align with your typical COVID-19 symptoms

“I started feeling a lot of congestion, body aches and I couldn’t stay awake,” said Denison. “I was so tired.”

Joel Herrera: 

Joel Herrera, 19, from Shafter who we spoke to when he was diagnosed last month has also recovered. 

Back in march he told us his symptoms were also mild and resembled those of a cold.

The teen posted to his Facebook he was fully recovered and thankful for all the support he had received. 

If you were diagnosed with COVID-19 and have recovered from it, send us an email to we want to hear about it. 

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