BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – A Bakersfield businessman and entrepreneur has come up with a plan he believes can help contain the Coronavirus and keep it from spreading to Kern County.

Phil Rudnick, the founder and owner of Upstart Village, an 11,000 square foot facility at 201 New Stine Road, said he is offering his space free of charge to local businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies in hopes they hold meetings at the facility where they can live stream to the rest of the world.

The property is home to several meeting rooms, classroom seating spaces, an outdoor garden, and a fully equipped podcast and video studio where meetings and events can be streamed live on the internet.

Rudnick said complimentary use of his space will encourage people outside the county to stay home, and incentivize people in Kern County to stay put instead of traveling outside the Golden Empire for work purposes.

He hopes his initiative will encourage other people and organizations to think about what they can do to help protect the community.

“It occurred to me that maybe we can be of some help to not only our business community, but our non-profits and government agencies,” Rudnick said. “Instead of having people coming here from distant places or sending [those who live here] to [outside] places, we could have live streaming where they could come down here, put on their program, and reach out not just here in Bakersfield, but reach out across the world,” he continued.

“We’re hoping maybe what we’re doing will be catching, so-to-speak, on other companies, and so they will come up with ideas with how they can help,” Rudnick said.

Rudnick plans to speak before the Kern County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, and the Bakersfield City Council Wednesday to officially invite city and county officials to use his facilities.

Those who wish to use the facility are asked to give director Linda Hartman a call at 661-832-2500.