BAKERSFIELD, CA. (KGET) – Whether you’ve been around for 75 years or opened during the Coronavirus pandemic, bakeries are facing some unique challenges.

For Baked Bake Shop, they took the leap of faith and opened their doors in the midst of it all.

For Baked Bake Shop, they didn’t want to let the pandemic hold them back, even if that meant making some changes.

The bake shop says the pandemic helped them figure things out so they could be a successful business.

Now, on the flip side, Smith’s Bakery has been staple to Bakersfield. It’s been around for three quarters of a century and says for them, not too much changed.

Besides employees wearing masks and gloves, their protocol stays the same.

They have even found some inspiration during this time, putting masks on their best selling cookies. In these past two months, they sold over twenty-thousand of them.

The newbie and the veteran are both adapting and finding ways to stay busy all through baked goods.