17 News viewers want to know why a winery founded by Gov. Gavin Newsom remains open even after he ordered many businesses to close their indoor operations in the state.

Newsom ordered closures in 19 counties, including Kern County, earlier this week. Those counties have been on the state’s watchlist for COVID-19.

In the 1990s, Gavin Newsom co-founded the Plumpjack Group which operates wineries in Napa. Plumpjack is open and accepting reservations for tastings.

The Plumpjack winery is open because Napa County isn’t on the state’s monitoring list. Counties on the list are those where the state is concerned about rising COVID-19 infections and hospital beds being filled with sick patients.

On July 3, Napa’s public health department reported 32 new COVID-19 cases for a total of 376 cases with four deaths. By comparison, Kern County has had more than 5,000 confirmed cases and more than 70 deaths.

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