H.A. Sala
Attorney at Law

H.A. Sala grew up learning the importance of hard work, education, and respect for others.  He is an active member in the Bakersfield Hispanic community, while maintaining a busy criminal defense law firm that is fiercely committed to defending the constitutional rights and freedoms of his clients. 

As a graduate from one of the top law schools in the nation, Mr. Sala has dedicated his time to the pursuit of excellence, serving his community, and ensuring those in the community know their rights.

Mr. Sala has been serving Bakersfield for over 30 years and is passionate about his community and assisting where there is need, especially in the Hispanic community. 

Mr. Sala is a Co-Founding member of the Immigration Justice Collaborative, that provides resources on immigration law, vaccines, legal services, and fights for the just treatment of detained immigrants in California. 

In addition, he is also a Co-founder of Kern County Latino COVID-19 Task Force that seeks to educate and provide resources to the Hispanic community regarding Covid-19. 

Visit HASala.com to learn more.